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              Ningbo aluminum profile anti-corrosion

              2022-04-29 15:29:31

              The relative density of industrial aluminum profiles is only 2.7g/cm3, which is about 1/3 of the density of steel, copper or brass (7.83g/cm3, 8.93g/cm3 respectively). In most natural environments, including in gas, water (or saline), organic chemical and many organic chemical management systems, aluminum can show high-quality corrosion resistance.


              Aluminium profiles are often used because of their high electrical conductivity. On the basis of the same net weight, the conductivity of aluminum tends to be 1/2 of that of copper.

              thermal conductivity

              The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy profiles is about 50-60% of that of copper, which is useful for the production of heat exchangers, condensers, heating household appliances, drinking utensils, and cylinder heads and heat pipe radiators for motor vehicles. beneficial.

              non-ferromagnetic material

              Aluminum profiles are non-ferromagnetic materials, which is a key feature for the electrical equipment industry and the electronics industry. Aluminium profiles are incapable of fire, which is essential for uses involving handling or touching flammable raw materials.


              The workability of aluminum profiles is excellent. In a variety of deformed aluminum alloy profiles and aluminum alloy casting, and in many cases after this aluminum alloy output rate, the change of machining characteristics is very large, which requires special CNC lathes or technical .


              Special tensile strength, yield strength, plasticity and corresponding cold work hardening rate control the change of allowable deformation amount.


              Aluminum has high recyclability, and the characteristics of recycled aluminum are almost the same as those of original ecological aluminum. Among them, the rapid development trend of a group of companies has gained widespread attention. For example, the industrial aluminum profile companies in Tianjin and Shanghai are all key areas for professional wholesale industrial aluminum profiles in China. It has non-standard industrial aluminum products such as stamping die development and design, aluminum extrusion production and manufacturing, industrial production structure and production line, conveyor machinery and equipment development, design and installation, metal aluminum production and processing.


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