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              Aluminum profile classification, aluminum profile processing manufacturers to explain

              2022-04-29 15:28:27

              1. Engineering and construction aluminum profiles (divided into two types: windows, doors and building curtain walls).

              2. Heat pipe radiator aluminum profile.

              3. General industrial aluminum profiles: mainly used for industrial production and manufacturing, such as automation technology industrial equipment, the frame of the enclosure and the molds customized by each enterprise according to their own industrial equipment regulations, such as production line conveyor belts, bucket elevators Machines, glue filling machines, testing equipment, and storage shelves are mostly used in electronic device machinery manufacturing and clean rooms.

               4. Aluminum profiles for rail equipment construction: mainly used in the production and manufacture of rail vehicle bodies.

              5. Mounting aluminum profiles, making aluminum alloy photo frames, mounting various exhibitions and decorative oil paintings.

              By alloy composition

              It can be divided into 1024, 2011, 6063, 6061, 6082, 7075 and other aluminum alloy models, among which 6 series are more common. The difference between different models depends on the chemical composition of various metal materials. The preparation is not the same Except for common aluminum profiles for windows and doors, such as 60 series products, 70 series products, 80 series products, 90 series products, building curtain wall series products and other engineering and construction aluminum profiles, there is no clear model specification difference for industrial aluminum profiles. It is produced and processed according to the specific engineering drawings of customers.

              Treat by surface

              1. Anodized aluminum

              2. Electrophoresis process aluminum

              3. Electrostatic powder coating aluminum

              4. Wood grain transfer aluminum

              5. Fluorocarbon paint aluminum

              6. Grinding and polishing aluminum (divided into grinding and polishing and anodizing process, in which the cost of anodizing process is the largest and the price is also more expensive) In most natural environments, it is included in gas, water (or physiological saline) , organic chemical and many organic chemical management systems, aluminum can show high-quality corrosion resistance.


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